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About Innoleon

1. Permit engineering

The permitting of any new-build or expanding oilseed facility requires the proper collection and processing of documents and data which will allow the smooth evaluation and decision making process from the permitting authorities.

Innoleon provides support services from the early permit file preparatory stages until the completion of the permitting process for the erection, operation and expansion of any oilseed facility, once the project will be initially evaluated and the proper permitting way will be defined.

The provided services can include:

  • Environmental permitting
  • Operational permitting
  • Erection permitting
  • Fire protection concept development

2. Basic and detailed engineering

Basic engineering is the initial step for the definition of the major design parameter of a process plant. Typically it includes the following deliverables:

  • Process flow diagram
  • Process description
  • Specifications of raw materials, utilities, products and by products
  • Mass & Energy balance
  • Preliminary drawings and dimensions of major equipment
  • Preliminary P&ID
  • Layout and design specification for detailed structural design
  • Preliminary electrical motor list and control description
  • Overall budget for equipment and installation (+/-10%)

Detailed engineering is the final design phase of the design for a process plant. During the detailed engineering all project aspects are completed and are ready for construction. Typical the detailed engineering is including the following deliverables:

  • Piping isometrics
  • Final equipment drawings
  • 3D Plant model
  • Final P&ID
  • Structural calculation and foundation drawings
  • Structure workshop drawings