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Basic engineering is the initial step for the definition of the major design parameter of a process plant. Typically it includes the following deliverables:

  • Process flow diagram
  • Process description
  • Specifications of raw materials, utilities, products and by products
  • Mass & Energy balance
  • Preliminary drawings and dimensions of major equipment
  • Preliminary P&ID
  • Layout and design specification for detailed structural destine
  • Preliminary electrical motor list and control description
  • Overall budget for equipment and installation (+/-10%)

Detailed engineering is the final design phase for a process plant. During the detailed engineering all project aspects are completed and are ready for construction. Typical the detailed engineering is including the following deliverables:

  • Piping isometrics
  • Final equipment drawings
  • 3D Plant model
  • Final P&ID
  • Structural calculation and foundation drawings
  • Structure workshop drawings